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Drovers, Dealers, and Dreamers:

150 Years at the Bourbon Stock Yards

“It is very, very good and will become an important part of our Kentucky livestock history.” Charles E. Barnhart, Dean, University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

Capital on the Kentucky: 

A 200-Year History of Frankfort and Franklin County

Capital on the Kentucky is a thoughtful and thought-provoking book. Kramer reminds readers that, if Franklin County’s experience was typical, community building always meant having something to sell, someone to sell to, and some way to get it there.” Paul R. Lucas, Indiana Magazine of History

Pride in the Past, Faith in the Future: 

A History of the Michigan Livestock Exchange, 1922—1997

“This book will be a valuable addition to the collections of libraries in the Midwest and will sustain great interest among readers of agricultural history.” Jon H. Rieger, Northwest Ohio Quarterly

Visionaries, Adventurers, and Builders: Historical Highlights of the Falls of the Ohio

“[Kramer’s] volume is a skillful blend of lively prose and solid research that belongs on the bookshelves of armchair and professional historians alike.” Berry Craig, The Filson Club Historical Quarterly 

From Family Business to Community Stewardship: A History of Atlas Machine and Supply Company, Inc.

“I’m glad we hired a professional; we would have made a mess of it.” Richard F. Gimmel, Jr., CEO, Atlas Machine and Supply, Inc.

The Corps of Discovery and the Falls of the Ohio

“The Falls of the Ohio and its environments were the backdrop for the beginning of one of the most incredible explorations in history. With Kramer’s account we realize the importance of this area of Kentucky and Indiana to the history and eventual outcome of the trip.” Stephen E. Ambrose, author, Undaunted Courage: Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the Opening of the American West

This Place We Call Home:

A History of Clark County, Indiana

“Carl E. Kramer provides readers with a model county history. . . .This Place We Call Home can be read sitting at the hard desk of serious work and also reclining in a soft easy chair.  It will be taken down from bookshelves with reward for decades to come.” James H. Madison, Thomas and Kathryn Miller Professor of History, Indiana University, Bloomington

The Brandeis Century:

Constant Values in Changing Times

“I came away from my reading of this story of Brandeis’s first hundred years with a renewed appreciation of the important role played by so many of the men and women who made a career of their work at Brandeis.” Joseph A. Paradis III, Chairman and CEO, Bramco, Inc.

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